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How do I lock the vehicle at the end of my booking?

End of your booking

  1. Return the vehicle to its place of origin and scheduled time.
  2. Stop the engine and return the keyring by inserting it into the data fob. This step is very important, make sure that the keyring is properly inserted and that the kilometres are appearing on the screen.
  3. Collect all your belongings.
  4. Close all the doors (glove box included).
  5. Finish your booking in the following 2 possible ways:
    • Use your App: close the vehicle by clicking on the "Close" button in the active booking section.
    • Use your contactless card that you have linked to the profile: hold the card that you have selected close to the windshield reader so that the doors close.
  6. That's all! Your reservation has been successfully completed: you will see that the sensor light returns to red and that the doors have been closed.

If you experience any incidence during your booking, you can contact us on 912 82 09 15.

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