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How do I get into my vehicle?

Start your booking

  1. Go to the car you have booked. In the booking confirmation email and in the active reservation section of the App, you will find everything you need to know to find the vehicle: address, pedestrian access, floor and parking space, type of parking access (with contactless card or with license plate reader), etc.
  2. When you are in front of the car you can open it in 2 different ways:
  3. Once the vehicle is open, open the glove box, and follow the below instructions:
    • Pick up the data fob. If it is your first booking, enter the PIN number that you have received by email, by SMS and that the App indicates in the yellow rectangle at the top.
    • Responde la primera pregunta de daños. Para ello, deberás revisar el reporte de daños indicado en la App y revisar si el coche tiene algún desperfecto nuevo. Si lo tiene, envía una foto a support.es@ondemand.europcar.com antes de iniciar tu reserva.
      Answer the first damage question. In order to perform this step, you must review the damage report indicated in the App and check if the car has any new damage. If you notice any unreported damage, send a photo to support.es@ondemand.europcar.com before starting your reservation.
    • Responde la pregunta sobre limpieza. Si consideras que el estado de limpieza no es adecuado, envía una foto a support.es@ondemand.europcar.com.
      Answer the question about cleanliness. If you consider that the state of cleanliness is not adequate, send a photo to support.es@ondemand.europcar.com.
    • Remove the key from the data fob.
    • Squeeze the clutch (or the brake on automatic cars) and start the car. For automatic cars, keep the key with you and click the READY button to start the car.

**Note: you need coverage on your mobile to be able to use the opening and closing option with the App, so in some cases where the car park is underground it can be more complicated. To do this, always have your contactless card with you and thus have a second option.

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