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Where do I pick-up and drop-off the vehicle?

Europcar On Demand's Carsharing service is a ROUNDTRIP service, or what is the same: a circular trip, which also ends where it begins. Therefore, you must always return the car to the same pick-up location. 

You will find 2 types of pickup and drop-off locations:

  1. Parkings: Spaces reserved for Europcar On Demandin public car parks. You can pick up and return the car in the same car park.
    • Some car parks, at night, need an access PIN that you will receive in the reservation confirmation email.
  2. ZonesDelimited street areas. You can pick up and return the car within the perimeter of established streets. It will not be necessary to return it to the same collection point, but within the delimited area. Remember to respect the parking regulations to avoid possible penalties for tow truck removal.

When you make a booking at Europcar On Demand, you can choose the car park or area that you prefer and that best suits your needs.

Once you confirm the reservation, you will receive an email with all the access information to the car park that you need to know, as well as the streets that make up the area, if your booking is in this way.
In the case of car parks, if the Europcar On Demand space is occupied, you can check if there is another free Europcar On Demand space and park it there without any problem. In case all Europcar On Demand spaces are occupied, you can park it as close as possible to the pick-up space and send a photo of the space (where the number can be seen) to support.es@ondemand.europcar.com or call us at 912 82 09 15.

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