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How do I get in and out of car parks?

When confirming your booking you will receive an email with all the detailed explanation of how to enter and exit the car park where you have booked the vehicle.

Among this information is:

  • Direction on how to enter and exit of vehicles.
  • Pedestrian entry and exit address.
  • Street view image to make it easier for you to locate it.
  • Type of car access to the parking, which may be:
    • With a contactless card that you will find in the driver's sun visor and you must approach the reader of the parking barrier. It should not be inserted in any slot, it is a contact card that must always be kept in the sun visor.
    • With license plate reader, so you only have to approach the barrier so that it reads the car's license plate and it will open automatically
  • Important information on access to Madrid Central for each vehicle will also be indicated. Read it carefully to avoid sanctions.

Example of a message received by mail when confirming your booking.

Pedestrian access to some car parks at night is possible by entering a PIN number on the device that you will find at the pedestrian entrance. That PIN number will also be specified in the booking confirmation email that you will receive in your notification email.
If you have a problem opening the gate, contact the reception by the intercom that you will find on the exit and entrance device so that the car park staff can help you. Indicate that you need to leave or enter with a Europcar On Demand car, provide the license plate number and they should open you without a problem.
If you still experience any other type of issues, please dial 912 820 915 and we will help you.

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