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What do I do if I can't find a petrol station that accept the fuel card?

With Europcar On Demand, gasoline is always included in your reservation, but remember to refuel at Solred group gas stations (Repsol, Campsa or Petronor) so that you can pay the amount without complications and with the card that you will find in the data fob.

In case you cannot find a Solred gas station, follow these simple steps to avoid possible penalties.

1. Refuel at the nearest gas station you can find

2. Pay the amount of fuel

3. Request an invoice for the amount with our fiscal data (IMPORTANT). Our tax information is as follows:

  • Fiscal name: BLUE SOSTENIBLE S.L.
  • CIF: B86038064
  • Address: Avda. del Partenón, 16 Planta 2, 28042

4. Send it to support.es@ondemand.europcar.com with the following details:

  • Photo of the invoice (send us the ticket if you could not get the invoice, we will study your case)
  • Reason why it was not possible to refuel with the Solred card
  • Affected booking
  • Account number where you want to receive the refund

It is important that you know that in our General Conditions a series of penalties are established if the established norms for the use of the service are not complied with.


At Europcar On Demand we will always try to find the best solution for both parties. Contact us with any fuel problem so that we can find the best solution to your incident.

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