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How to use it

We have created a small guide for you that you need to take into consideration in order to use the car perfectly.

Open doors

You have 2 options to open the car: with the button you will find on the door or with the handle at the bottom of the door.

Automatic gear change

P: Parking

R: Reverse

N: Neutral

D: Forward movement

Electronic parking brake

Swipe down or up to put the parking brake on or off.

Start and stop the car

To start: Hold down the brake and press the START button 2 times to start the car.

To stop the car: Press the button again 1 time.

How do I know if I have only turned on the ignition or if I have started the car correctly?

In order to know if the car is started, you should check if the word READY appears on the dashboard. If yes, you can drive.

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