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How to charge the car?

From the Europcar On Demand collaborative booking service we will always ask our customers to charge the car at the end of each booking. You will find the cars parked in car parks with reserved spaces where they have an exclusive charger for them.

Charge always the car at the end of your booking and avoid possible penalties for not complying with the service regulations.

How to charge the car?

  1. Turn off the car engine.
  2. Leave the car unlocked, DO NOT lock the car with the keys.
  3. Open the outer lid of the vehicle.
  4. You will find the charger next to the charging post. That cable will be fixed on the post, so you just have to connect it to the vehicle.
  5. The car plug lights will turn green in motion indicating that it is charging.
  6. Lock the car with the keys if it is a stopover during your reservation or finish your booking as usual.

How to disconnect the charger from the car?

  1. If it is at the beginning of your booking: start your booking as usual by following the steps in the App.
  2. With the keys, press twice the option to open the car.
  3. Disconnect the hose and leave it next to the charging post.
  4. Close the lid.
  5. Enjoy the trip.

You'll also find a regular charger inside the boot, in case you want to charge somewhere else.

Possible charge-related dashboard message:

Check if the charger has been removed, that the lid is closed and everything is in order before starting.

Remember that you can always check the car's battery charge in real time from your APP.

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