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¿Qué debería hacer en caso de accidente?

Always call the police and ask them for a report.

In all cases:

  • Put a warning triangle on the road at least 45 metres behind your broken-down vehicle.
  • Take care of anyone who might be injured.
  • Take photos of the incident.
  • Call our customer service team as soon as you can.

If another party was involved in the accident:

  • Get the names, phone numbers, addresses and license plate numbers of those involved.
  • Look for the accident report in the glove compartment and fill it out.
  • Take photos of the incident.
  • If one of the parties agrees to take responsibility for the incident, try to put their statements in writing and have this document signed.
  • Send all documents to us.
  • Call our customer service team as soon as you can.

You can reach out our Customer Service on the following numbers:

Barcelona +34 912820915
Madrid +34 912820915
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