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How mileage is added to your booking?

When you return the vehicle, put back the data fob, close the doors and finish your booking, shortly your booking summary will be generated with the booking time, total distance, additional items, such as late fee, promo code and so on.

The total distance of your booking will be visible in both of your booking summary and the related invoice.

Important: Our Vehicle Technology's primary focus is exact distance measurements, therefore our system is more accurate and reliable than other 3rd party providers.

How mileage appears on my invoice?

If you check your invoice after your booking has been finished, you can see the total number of distance in the right side of the invoice, below the booking dates, but you will notice that we charged you with 30 kilometres less. The reason behind, since we provide the first 30 kilometres for our users for free, and after 31 kilometres we add the distance fees to your booking.

If you use our services over 100km during a booking, an additional line will be created for distance. The reason behind that we charge less distance price after 100km, therefore if you have travelled 153km for instance, the remaining 53km will fall in a cheaper pricing category. 

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