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Can I extend my booking after I have picked up the vehicle?

If you see that you won't be able to return the car at the time initially marked on your booking, it is important that you extend your booking time.

Booking extension is very simple:

Enter the App.

Access your active booking page.

Select the new booking end time.

When you extend your booking, it must be reflected in your booking and you will receive an email confirming that it has been carried out successfully. If these 2 points are not met, it is probably because there is another user who has reserved the vehicle behind your reservation.

In case that happens:
Return the car on time or

Contact us at 912 820 915 so that we can manage your case and avoid possible penalties and mishaps for the next user.

The cost of the extension will be in relation to the hour/category cost that you have reserved, no surcharge is applied to extend it, only the real price of the extended time.

In the event that the vehicle is returned late, the penalty will be €0.45/minute.

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