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What is Car sharing?

Car sharing is a membership based program where user are able to access to a fleet of vehicles on a short-term basis, for minimum 4 hours or several days, by paying for the time and distance they use. It provides an alternative to car ownership, allowing users to use a car only when needed without the responsibilities and costs associated with owning a vehicle.
Car sharing offers several advantages, including cost savings for individuals who do not need a car regularly, reduced traffic congestion, decreased parking demand, and environmental benefits by promoting shared vehicle usage.
Once you’ve signed up you simply book the car you want for the time you need, unlock it using our app/membership card, take the keys from the glovebox and drive it as normal. To finish your booking you just drop the car back to where you picked it up.

Our vehicles are typically parked at designated locations throughout a city or region, and our end users can reserve and use them for their transportation needs.

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