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Do I have to pay the rates for other parkings during the reservation?

We are going to overview a few frequently asked parking related questions here.

I have reserved a car from Europcar On Demand, do I have to pay for parking when I return the car to its place of origin?

No. The cars in each car park have their fee paid by Europcar On Demand. You can enter and exit the car park either with the card that you will find in the driver's sun visor, or with the car park's license plate reader.

Can I park a Europcar On Demand car in a Europcar On Demand network car park?

  • If Europcar On Demand's car belongs to that parking lot, yes. In other words, you can use the vehicle's original parking lot to park the car during your reservation, free of charge.
  • If Europcar On Demand's car does NOT belong to that car park, NO. That car is not registered in that car park, it does not have a reserved space for it, therefore, the customer must pay the price of the car park if they want to park it during their reservation.

Can I park my own car in the Europcar On Demand square of the vehicle I have booked?

No. These spaces are reserved only for Europcar On Demand cars registered in that car park.

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