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When will my card be charged?

When you make a reservation with Europcar On Demand, the charges will be made in 2 parts:

1. When you confirm your booking

  • You will be charged for the time you have booked the vehicle, also the amount of insurance will be added to it (remember that you will always have basic insurance included in the price).
  • In case of Long Distance bookings, the first 200km will be charged at €0.15/km.

2. When you finish your booking

  • At the end of the booking, a calculation of the kilometres from your journey will be added and will be charged according to the Tariff plan you have.
  • In Carsharing bookings, you will have the first 30km for free.
  • In the case of Long Distance bookings, the extra kilometres will be charged after 200km that you have traveled.
  • Last, but not least, in the second part,  possible penalties will also be included, such as surcharges for delay (€0.45/minute of delay).
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